Terms of Use

This site allows publishers to shorten any links and earn revenue by sharing the title of the short link. The ad is shown to the viewer on the way to the destination URL. By using the Site Service, you agree that the site contains advertisements on the URLs of the shortcut links that are the condition for the operation of the Site

Do not attempt to click on your own links to increase the number of clicks, we will not count it (our system is smart enough to detect this type of fraud) -

We block any user attempting to abuse the system and violate the Terms.

You must be logged in when links are shortened to calculate money.

Your links must comply with our Terms of Service and not infringe your rights.

Your membership will be blocked if you try to manipulate the results -

We calculate clicks from all countries based on traffic pricing from each country.

- We calculate the completed views by 100%.

Do not try to click on your own links, and do not ask others to do it (it's easy to find out).

Do not delete your aggregate links for funds until you receive their earnings.

Do not share your links using software that extracts the download link without having to go through the download pages.

The copyright infringing files are deleted without the gain gained.

Only rights reserved links or adult material are allowed

- Minimum withdrawal via Paypal: $ 5

- Western Union Minimum Drawdown: $ 50

- Minimum withdrawal through Vodafone Cash (Egypt): $ 5

- Minimum withdrawal by Egyptian mail: $ 50

For more information about payment, please read the following notes:

- Your earnings will be transferred from the first day of each calendar month until you request to withdraw your earnings by the 25th of each month.

- Most payments do not take more than 1-7 days only!

- For the transfer of profits through Vodafone Cash (Egypt) and Egyptian Post, the profits are converted into Egyptian Pounds at the exchange rate of the dollar on the day of conversion at the exchange rates of the Central Bank of Egypt.
 The Dollar Live website is based on exchange rates.

- The transfer fee is deducted from the total profit.



This Site allows publishers to shorten any URL and earn income by sharing the shortened URL. Advertising is shown to the viewer on their way to their destination URL. By using the Site's service, you agree that the Site includes advertisements on the shortened URLs which is a requirement for the Site to operate.

You agree to NOT use our Services for the following:

  1. Advertise GetsEarn.com on traffic exchange websites and PTC websites;
  2. Place shortened links on websites containing content that may be threatening, harassing, defamatory, obscene, contain any viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots or contain software which may cause damage to the viewer or the Site's server;
  3. Shrink URLs which redirect to websites containing the above mentioned content;
  4. Use the Service for any illegal or unauthorised purpose including but not limited to copyright content, child pornography, threatening, defaming, stalking, abuse, harassing or violating any person's or entity's legal rights;
  5. Offer an incentive or beg a visitor to click on your shortened links;
  6. Spam any website, forum or blog with the Site's links;
  7. Bring fake/automated traffic of any kind to your links. This will get your account terminated automatically by our system. Manipulation of our system to gain views is also not allowed. This includes iframes, redirects, bots, proxies, traffic exchange, Email traffic, PTC traffic, hitleap, jingling, etc;
  8. Automatically redirect to your shortened url from a website. The viewer must click on the link him/herself;
  9. Open your shortened URLs using an iframe or popups/popunder;
  10. Click on your own shortened urls to generate revenue. We reserve the right to not pay for the revenue generated;
  11. Transmit files that contain viruses, spyware, adware, trojans or other harmful code;
  12. Interfere with other publishers which are using the Site's service;
  13. Create multiple accounts. Only one account per person is allowed;
  14. Abuse from the contact system such as sending messages regarding payments before due dates, threatening to change service and/or providing false or incomplete data.
  15. Any Pornographic content.


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